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Farmer Promise

We will do our very best to grow beautiful, natural, chemical-free flowers within the constraints of weather and nature. Northwest Montana can be a challenging place to grow flowers, with the possibility of late frosts, drought, early snow and wildfire smoke. Your support is invaluable!

Subscriber Agreement

  • As a subscriber of the Flathead Farmworks bouquet subscription, I am making a commitment to support this local farm and to share in the risks and rewards of the growing season.
  • I understand that my payment is nonrefundable.
  • It is my responsibility to pick up my flowers each week at the designated time and location. If I am unable to pick up my share, I understand that I am responsible for sending someone else to pick up for me, or my flowers will be donated.
Bouquet Subscription
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The summer bouquet subscription includes a medium-size bouquet of fresh flowers each week. All flowers are locally grown in Kalispell, Montana.

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